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An object theatre production

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Director, dramatisation and interpretation: Xavier Bobés
Sound: Pablo Rega
Set creation: Pep Aymerich
Assistant Director: Eric de Sarria
Technical Assistant: Julia Carboneras (Patchworks)
Lights: Oriol Blanch
Managing Agent: Marta Oliveres / MoM-EL VIVERO
Thanks to: Antigua i Barbuda-Jordà Ferrer, Montse Romero, Marc Planagumà, Àlex Torguet.

Special thanks to Mas Espolla, Casa Cuadrau & Jomi-Hermanos Oligor.



and memory

and the fall into oblivion


The appearance of every day objects. An appearance that can be both clear and blurred, slow or quick. The repetition of their movement. The atmosphere of that which surrounds us. And what we end of believing.

Co-production of: Temporada Alta 2011, Teatro Principal de Olot “Artista Invitado”, PLAYGROUND
CoWith the support of: Consell Nacional de la Cultura i les Arts, el Ayuntamiento de Gerona, el Ayuntamiento de Celrà y la colaboración de “l’Animal a l’Esquena”, NU2, Centro de Arte y Naturaleza Casa Cuadrau de Vió

A man who sleeps has in a circle around him the chain of the hours, the sequence of the years, and the order of the heavenly bodies. M Proust