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el rei de la soledat

A visual show

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Director & actor Xavier Bobés

Sonorous space & original music Julià Carboneras

Scenographic construction & atrezzo Sandrine Veyry

Video Albert Coma

Acting director Eric de Sarria

Lights Julià Carboneras & Xavier Bobés

Little Kingdom construction Daniel Benito


“…and he found himself surrounded by pieces. Nothing really had any sense. The Whole did not exist for him since he was always lacking an important part…”


The King of Loneliness / El rei de la Soledat is a spectacle of visual theatre that presents a universe with many hiding places, declining structures and solitary characters.

With this spectacle PLAYGROUND begins a period dedicated to the investigation of new scenic elements. The creative process begins with a mixture of different artistic disciplines, through a lucky chance: a story is written and an essay/playing space called “Kingdom of the Solitude” is invented, where possible dialogues between different disciplines are questioned and proven by means of improvising with objects from a poetical point of view for what they have been and what they have to say of their relationship with the person (to penetrate in the memory of these objects to rescue experiences and sensations of those who have manipulated them).

All the objects that are manipulated on stage have something in common: they are broken, obsolete objects. Strolling in the depths, are everyday monsters lost in time, free of codes, without direction. Characters, who have reconstructed themselves, have modified their appearance. We watch from behind, from the corners, from the front; we follow the travellers, specialists in wasting time: fugitive, invisible, without a specific form, clowns, beings of weeping and mischievous eyes...

We also find a series of objects – a fitting for Man in order to tailor, measure and express himself. A reminder of attitudes which has an immediate impact.


Observe the forms and the essences from a human point of view; to catch the senses of the small gestures without great intentions, the simplicity of the sincerity in things and the complexity of all that is apparently irreducible.

To construct a non temporal space in order to appreciate the value of Time, and yet not be in any hurry.


To destroy and to reconstruct the objects which are manipulated; to improvise and to play with chance, to write images and to bring words to the eye. Photography observed like a theatrical and movable element.The film that is a remembered image, painting in the air.


"El rei de la Soledat / The king of Loneliness" is a show without words for all ages


Coproduction of Festival NEO 2006, 6th Award at Projectes d’Arts Escèniques Lleida 2005 et PLAYGROUND

With the collaboration of Departament de Cultura i Mitjans de Comunicació – Generalitat de Catalunya, L'Estruch de l'Ajuntament de Sabadell, Centre Cultural la Mercè de Girona, Cèl.lula Sant Mori & l'Institut Ramon Llull