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A visual show

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Creator & Performer Xavier Bobés

Acting director Eric de Sarria

Video Albert Coma

Music Julià Carboneras

Photography la murga

Costumes Dulce Mª Fernández



  HEAD IN THE CLOUDS (El cap als núvols) is a visual show that talks about adults through the soul of a child, reflected by objects which are related to children and are the protagonists of the performance: Toys.

The manipulation of toys represents a fictional story, a tale: the experiences of a young woman being abandoned by her lover at the start of the day. Losing her love. We see the complete process of her reaction, the solitude, the memories, the frustrated desires, the inconsolable grief, and finally her discovery of a new love.

HEAD IN THE CLOUDS presents a mixture of fragmented short stories narrated through objects and audio visual projections. On stage reality and fantasy are equal, and they embark on this journey together.

In HEAD IN THE CLOUDS we find the following artistic disciplines:
Theatre of Objects, Chinese shadows, dance, digital images and music.

HEAD IN THE CLOUDS is an original performance that defines the aim of the company:

“To give small things new meanings in a creative way”


HEAD IN THE CLOUDS is a show without words for all ages


Produced with the help of funding by KRTU 2003 (Generalitat de Catalunya)

Thanks to: Diana Mattheou, AreaTangent, Montse Romero, Cinta Esmel, Companyia Philippe Genty, Marc Marchand, Marta Galán