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A visual show

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Director & actor Xavier Bobés

Live music composed and played by Julià Carboneras

Objects manipulation & lights Daniel Benito

Video Albert Coma

Photography la murga

Costumes Dulce Mª Fernández

Acting assistant Eric de Sarria

“When I grow up I want to be a silent film character”


I carry your presence.

I'm learning to live with it, to coexist.

Sharing our shadows, like a single being.

Being part of you and becoming everything that surrounds you.


I watch outside and you watch outside.

We are together in our loneliness.

You move and your movement “makes my body move”.

You are my engine and, although I do not tell you, I keep moving for you.


You are my little prince and I am your planet.


A visual show inspired by relationships. The creation of this show is based on four elements: The body as scenery, duality as a scenic engine, silent cinema as expressing way and scenic space, and the idea of “Wrong Landscapes”.

Theatre of Objects, real time video, live music, dancing, digital shadows, photography and drawing on the stage. This show looks at finding a balance between technical work and improvisation on the stage.


Co-production of Cèl·lula Sant Mori, I.C.A.C.-Generalitat de Catalunya, Festival Escena Abierta ( Burgos ), AreaTangent & PLAYGROUND .

With the collaboration of the “Programa de Ayuda a la movilidad ¡Mira! & El Gamatzem.


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