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A taula!
A visual theatre production

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Direction & dramaturgy: Xavier Bobés

Sonorous space & original music: Julià Carboneras

Scenographic construction, atrezzo & photography: Sandrine Veyry

Director assistant: Eric de Sarria

Lighting: Julià Carboneras & Xavier Bobés

On the stage: Xavier Bobés, Sandrine Veyry, Julià Carboneras, Daniel Benito

Management and production: Marta Oliveres MOM – EL VIVERO



A representation of life, on the stage.
An operatic, cinematic, theatrical performance, full of gadgets which seduce and manipulate you.
A representation of oneself, like a large unforgiving mirror.

A theatre performance that centres on the investigation of everyday household objects; that focuses on domestic routines: specifically the dining room. Objects packed with memories, retain essential movements of those that have manipulated them and are unique witnesses of a human existence. Objects that convey that which we keep silent, avoid, hide.
The passive and submissive everyday object takes the protagonist role. And the manipulator is now at its service.

“A taula!” is the first building block of a trilogy representing the global ambiance of a home that will be constructed over the next three years. A visual piece, measured, structured, framed and observed like a metaphor of the intimate everyday personal space: the house where we live.

At home we come face to face with ourselves. At home everything that surrounds us, echoes who we are. All the objects that we manipulate resonate with the “memory”. All the gestures, even the most insignificant, become part of us, of our memory.

Coproduced by Teatre Lliure - Barcelona, Theatre Schaubude - Berlin, SONE Project & PLAYGROUND.
With the collaboration of Departament de Cultura i Mitjans de Comunicació - Generalitat de Catalunya, Institut Ramon Llull, l'Animal a l'Esquena, Cèl·lula - Organisme de Creació Escènica, l'Ajuntament de Celrà & Culture Program 2007-2013 from European Union.

Thanks to: All you will see on the stage belonged to Esperança Guillamon, Ferrés Bobés family, Bobés Solà family, Sherley, Marc Marchand... Special thanks to Laurence Barbasetti.